Danielle Gellis



Server-side JavaScript:
ES6, Node, Express
React, Redux, HTML and CSS, jQuery, Fetch, Processing.JS, EJS and Pug
Mocha/Chai, Jasmine
Git and Github, Heroku, *nix
Also Familiar With:
Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, Angular, Bootstrap, Sequelize, NoSQL databases

Some of the projects I've been working on:


Echo is a learning management system used by Learners Guild.
The tech stack includes Node, Express, RethinkDB, GraphQL, Redux, and React.

To learn about the features I built during my apprenticeship, check out the GITHUB repo and my resume


a screenshot of Bossggle

Bossggle is a 1-player clone of one of my favorite games, Boggle.

This project was made with a colleague. Take a look at our code HERE or Bossggle


a screenshot of part of the Zivity homepage

As an intern at Zivity I built new features, fixed bugs, refactored code, and participated in technical decision-making.

For more details about what I accomplished at Zivity, please take a look at my resume

Bay Area Theater Review

Bay Area Theater Review is a full-stack app made with Node.js, Express, and Postgres.
It's basically Yelp, but for all the musicals, plays, operas, improv, comedy shows, and immersive theater we can go see.

Check out my code HERE or read and write some

Magic 8-Ball

a screenshot of our magic 8 ball

The Magic 8 Ball was made during a one-day React Hackathon. My teammates and I had no prior experience using React, so we spent part of the day learning it and then made this project.

You can see our code HERE or

An A-maze-ing Game

a screenshot of the A-maze-ing game

Made with Processing.js. The code is HERE or just the game

Memorial Site

a screenshot of the Christina Memorial site

I made this page over the course of a weekend for a friend. I was given the text and pictures. My instructions were to make it pink and sparkly and to put the details for the memorial services into a sidebar.

Click Here to see the whole page

The FizzBuzzinator

a screenshot of the FizzBuzzinator

The Fizzbuzzinator is a simple web app designed to show my knowledge of Javascript, including vanilla JavaScript DOM traversal, as well as HTML and CSS. Take a look at the code HERE or the FizzBuzzinator